Grand Damansara

Introduction With years of property development experience since 1996, the Group has been consistently building properties in prominent locations with a clear vision to transform the way people perceive exceptional quality. We are a lifestyle developer helmed by a team of passionate, innovative and well-experienced people. In Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Terengganu and Melbourne, Australia, we have completed properties from residential to commercial such as townhouses, apartments, luxury condominiums, island resort and shop offices.

Baron Residence Lake City

Introduction Lake City KL is a lakeside project developed with the concept of TOD@HOPSCA in North Kuala Lumpur. Also the first TOD & HOPSCA townships in Malaysia. The project is called HOPSCA, because it is going to have Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping Mall, Connectivity and Apartment development. By the end of development, this will be a city, similar to Mont Kiara, Damansara. Lake City is also a TOD (Transit Oriented Development) development community, which not only has great accessibility and Public Transportation, but also has a variety way to

Greenwoods My Home My Community

Introduction Greenwoods is a new township development located at Salak Perdana, Sepang. Contemporary freehold homes pleasantly nestled within the alluring township of Greenwoods. Here, residents live amidst 237 acres of wide open space, tranquil parks and recreational pockets that encourage all forms of activity and play. It’s a place where neighbours come together to flourish as a community and become life long friends. Life in Greenwoods is a breath of fresh air, invigorated by shady trees, gentle hills and abundant greenery.

Day to Night Scene

On this post, let me talk about 3d and show you how do I set a night scene from a day scene below… Change window glass material into a random light material. I select all window glass and divided them into 3 selections randomly. On the first selection (50%), I assign glow light material with yellow color. The second one (25%) is a glow light material with white color. Then the third one (25%) I make a normal black glass with no glow light material.